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    I am currently working on CM6.1 for the LG Ally. If any developers would like to help that would be awesome!!! If we had CM6.1 on the LG Ally it would be one of the best ROMs for the Ally. Then it could unleash the Ally's full power! The ROM would make LG Ally owners proud of there phones. I do know that there is a CM7.1/CM7.2 port but it's not that great. That is because it is Gingerbread, not Froyo. As of now the LG Ally runs a modified version of Froyo 2.2. But they made it look like 2.2.2 froyo in the about phone part. This would be the only CyanogenMod VS740 ROM with a working camera flash. Or the only fully working CyanogenMod ROM. That's because it is easy to get files from 2.2 to work on 2.2.1. This is why Project Gretel for LG Ally was abandoned. The Developers knew that they could not go any further because it was getting to hard to get files to work. If you want to help, please do!

    Update: I have decided to put this project on hold because of the lack of time. Sorry about that.

    CM6.1 for the LG Ally-cm6.1-u00252bon-u00252bvs740.png
    02-03-2015 05:25 PM

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