1. Crackb3rry420's Avatar
    My dad just got his 1st smartphone,and only his 2nd cellphone in his life lol.and its the lg ally.my question is.im going to try and root it for him,but i dont think the phone evencame with a USB plug for it...does that mean it cant be done or is there another wire i could use by ne chance?? please get back to me whenever u can i appreciate it
    05-31-2011 05:54 PM
  2. garrettfarnum's Avatar
    It's the charging cable. It should come right out of the plug that plugs into the wall.

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    05-31-2011 05:59 PM
  3. Crackb3rry420's Avatar
    thanks garrett i never even thought to look @ his charger,i just looked @ it and now realize that haha .ok one more question,is there any other advantage to rooting a phone besides free video game roms,and that sort of thing? like can u get free apps too??sorry im coming from a blackberry and ill be grabbing the htc sensation very soon,but im very good with modding software and that sort of thing..thx again
    05-31-2011 06:05 PM
  4. garrettfarnum's Avatar
    I am not going to tell you to download games/apps for free but remember the app files are .APK's. There are lots of things you can do while rooting but I'm not an expert, just lurk around on the forums and ask around.

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    05-31-2011 10:33 PM