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    So my Ally is on Page Plus and my plan includes 100mb of data permonth and with my Samsung Reality I never used more then 20mb of data. With my Ally I blew through 100mb in a week. So I removed my gmail account from the phone and created a new gmail account for this phone. I disabled Background data. I turned off all auto sync options and turn off Autosync its self. I disabled Wi-fi. I rooted the phone and installed Velocity 1.0. Skype is removed, LG Social is removed. I Went and bought 10bucks worth of data which equaled to 66mb of data and with all that I still burned through that in about week also. I dont I used the internet but once all week and yesterday I went to the market and decided to download angry birds and mid way trough the download I got a message saying I was out of data. Any Ideas?
    07-03-2011 10:35 AM