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    First of all, Hello guys.
    I'm new here, just made my registration, and I have a problem, which i don't know how to fix. So Im posting this topic, and hope someone to help me, or idk.

    Well, i have LG Tone+ Bluetooth headset HBS-730 which are really great headphones, but from a short time i got a problem. The button of the left side, which is the headphone button only lights up in red. And this is even with full battery, this little headphone button lights up in red like - all the time, even if they are turned off. If i click it, the button start lights in red even more and the others buttons even doesn't work.
    When I pair them with my Samsung Galaxy S6 - there are no problem, except the sound - i barely can hear anything also, the buttons doesn't respond, I can't switch the song, I can't pause it, I can't volume it down or up - noone of the button works. And this is idk since i switched back to Samsung. Before S6 i had a Note4 and this problem was the same. Before that I had LG G Flex2 - no problems like this with that phone, everything works just more that fine.
    Also, now with those two Samsung phones, after battery of the headphones goes like a little more under - medium the headphones start automaticly recruit the last phone number I called and this is like - I can't stop it, until I disconnect them from my phone...
    I dont know what to do and how to fix that sh*t ..
    If anyone had that problem before, please tell me how to fix it ..

    I'm sorry for my bad English, but I hope you can understand what the problem is.
    So if anyone had that problem before, please help me to solve it.
    Also like I said above, I'm new here. I'm apologise if I put the topic in wrong section.

    Hope someone help me and found the solution of this problem.
    Thanks for your time.
    03-11-2016 09:03 AM

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