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    For instance, on my commute to school or work I leave some pages in chrome open either because i forget or for convenience. Then I leave the wifi zone on the commute. So, does the tablet consume data in sleep mode while these pages are open?
    05-29-2015 12:02 AM
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    The web is a disconnected model - that means that you connect to the site, download the page, then disconnect from the site. Unless you do something (like submit a form), no further data is used, even if you stare at the page for 24 straight hours.

    Do other things use data when you're not using the tablet? If someone sends you an email, it used data to receive it. If you have an app that checks something on the internet every so often, it uses data.

    Sleep isn't off, the computer in the phone can be awakened by an event (like an email push), a signal (like an alarm set and the time gets to that time) or something in what's called crontab - a tabulation of chronographic events - IOW, a list of things that should run at specific times and days.

    Normally, though, if you look at the battery page in Settings and tap the graph at the top, you'll get another battery page with a line near the bottom labeled "Awake" - and that line will be almost blank. If the screen is on (the next line), the tablet is awake. If the screen is off, it should be asleep, except for a few widely scattered thin lines that show that something happened for a second. That's normal. An Awake line that's almost always non-blank when the screen is off is a sign that you have an app keeping the phone awake. (And that normally doesn't happen, unless you run junk like "optimizers" or "RAM cleaners". [I ran a comparison test for about a week on what's supposed to be one of the best optimizers out there - it increased my battery consumption by more than 100% - I don't need that kind of "optimization".])
    05-29-2015 12:44 AM

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