1. sherinwv's Avatar
    Hello I just got my phone a couple of weeks ago. I am being told by my phone that I have already reached my storage space for the phone itself. I went through the apps list and moved over anything that it would allow me to the SD card.

    Is there anyway to redirect pictures and/or music to the SD card?

    I am also having trouble getting to the actual SD card. The only way I can see whats on it is through the applications tab in settings.

    Any other helpful tips would be greatly appreciated. I really like the phone but I also like lots of apps and will not be happy if I can not store more on the SD card.
    07-31-2011 04:02 AM
  2. nas2389's Avatar
    Pictures and music are automatically stored to the sd card so there is nothing you have to change there. as far as being low on storage space what you have to do is go into settings>applications>manage applications>running>options button>sort by size. that will allow you to sort the apps from largest to smallest. anything that is running larger than 2MB or 3MB is way to large for the phone. what you want to do is select the app, clear data, and then force stop the app.

    what starts to happen is the different apps will start to store miscellaneous data like search histories and things like that and then the app becomes larger than it should be over time and you need to clear that information out. If there are apps that you need to log in to it will log you out when you clear the data.

    you also do not want to clear the data on any app that you do not recognize. there will be a lot of miscellaneous background apps that android needs to run to work properly and if you clear the data on those it could mess with your phone. only do it for apps that you recognize. that should help you clear out storage space and useless information and it should make the phone run a lot better.
    12-08-2011 01:13 PM