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    hey guys I was wondering if one of you can type your IMEI into this tool:[INVALID][TOOL] -=lg_kdz.py=- Get Latest LGE Cell Phone Firmware - xda-developers and post me a link here... I will write you guys an unbrick guide as well as 2 other phones that will use a file from this phone's .cab/.kdz (which I need the link to) also I know that it says that it's invalid but the IMEI search still works. To find your IMEI go to dialer and type in *#06# and if you have trouble copying and pasting the link into here highlight it and press ctrl+v and then paste it

    EDIT:I see this post has over 100 views yet no one has posted anything :P anyways I will also offer a rooted firmware upgrade so it will come pre-rooted please someone get this for me it only takes a few minutes... anyways I may also include this phone as part of teamgelato for you guys so you can have cm7 and if we can figure it out cm9+ and the latest recoveries but I need that cab first so that development can continue and I will also need a tester if I do include it, anyways if you guys don't know what teamgelato is then Team Gelato - Blog for the development team, Team Gelato will tell you

    06-02-2013 01:45 PM
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    06-02-2013 01:48 PM

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