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    It took me a week to play with my LG phone and Gmail settings to get my photos shown in my contacts, call logs and text logs!

    If photos are only shown in your contact list and not in your call logs or message texts do this:

    (In Gmail, you must have photo’s set to each contact you want displayed in your phone).

    Before doing anything, make sure that you back up your phone settings using the LG Backup or your favorite app backup program. I use the LG backup AND an app backup program called Easy Backup, the free version.

    1. Go to settings > General Tab, Backup & Reset, LG Backup Service, Backup & Restore, and then Backup. Save your backups to an SD Card or Cloud.
    2. After the backup is completed, reset your phone. The Factory data reset is just below the LG Backup Service.
    3. When you phone is finished rebooting twice, go back into Backup & reset and make sure that you use the same backup account email that you used earlier prior to resetting your phone.
    4. Select File restore & management under the backup & reset in LG Backup.
    5. You should be able to view your last backup session on the SD card that you performed prior to the reset. Select the most current backup to be restored.
    6. After your restore is completed, most apps will be restored along with most of your LG settings, wallpaper, sound, display, etc. (This will be dependent upon you selecting the LG backup to perform most backup selections like, contacts, settings, mms, text, call logs, etc.
    7. If you use Straight Talk or other Walmart service, you will have to go into your APN settings and re-configure the APN settings. Unfortunately, the LG backup service does not save these setting upon restore.
    04-27-2015 06:14 PM

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