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    Sorry if this has been asked before but the microphone in my LG Flex 2 stopped working so I ordered one off of Amazon and while I waited for it I used an Iphone 4s. The microphone finally came and I replaced it and went to At&t to switch over my contacts and sim card. The microphone now works and I can make phone calls and send texts but my Flex 2 is not connecting to the 4g and when I asked them in the store they said the phone must be defective. My question is, is it probably some defect with the phone, could I have messed something in the phone, or could it be since it wasnt a part from At&t that its not recognizing the phone as theirs? When the lady was transferring over my number she asked if it was an At&t phone and seemed to have troubles transferring everything
    01-22-2016 02:04 PM

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