1. David Coombes's Avatar
    My mum bought one of these on my recommendation and she's had it for about a week. The only downside is that standby battery drainage with zero apps running is 2.5% per hour - the battery drains so fast that it doesn't make sense to leave it in standby. I contacted LG and they said this was acceptable. Well, none of my numerous devices drain this fast, and I've just got a Nexus 7 for myself and, on the same Snapdragon chipset, I'm seeing a few percent lost over a whole day. LG's story doesn't seem right to me.

    I need to confirm if my mother's LG is defective for a replacement or if all 8.3's really do have terrible power leakage, in which case it can't be helped. Can people here post what their standby power drain is like? Many thanks.
    03-01-2014 02:13 PM
  2. boxer2's Avatar
    That seems excessive battery drain to me. Mine will drain 2% overnight. I know you said you checked for running apps but did you check and see if she has bluetooth or GPS toggled on?
    03-01-2014 03:32 PM
  3. benhaube's Avatar
    Mine uses about 3% while I'm at work and it's on standby at home. That's about 10 hours. I have the Google Play Edition which gets slightly better battery life than the LG version, but yours seems like it has excessive drain.

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    03-01-2014 05:52 PM
  4. ffejjj's Avatar
    Yep I agree with the others. Mine averages 1% drain per 3hrs standby.

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    03-01-2014 06:07 PM
  5. David Coombes's Avatar
    That seems excessive battery drain to me. Mine will drain 2% overnight. I know you said you checked for running apps but did you check and see if she has bluetooth or GPS toggled on?
    Yeah, everything's off. Bluetooth, GPS, Wifi. And a press+hold of the home button shows no apps. Battery monitor shows Idle consuming all the juice.
    03-02-2014 11:59 AM
  6. boxer2's Avatar
    I know its a hassle but maybe try a factory reset to see if that helps. Can you return it to the retailer?
    03-02-2014 07:02 PM
  7. David Coombes's Avatar
    Technically I can, I have the legal right to, although they're not being very receptive at the moment!
    03-05-2014 07:21 AM
  8. timdodd's Avatar
    I have used my GPad very little since it came off charge 39 hours ago. With 21 minutes screen time over that 39 hour period the battery has dropped to 88%. So a 12% drop over 39 hours is less than 0.3% per hour. Given that I have made some use of the device, with WiFi and sync enabled for a few minutes, the drain rate whilst asleep is going to be even lower than that.

    That accords well with a typical overnight drop of between 0%, 1% or perhaps 2% with everything off and the device asleep.
    03-05-2014 09:17 AM
  9. RaiderWill's Avatar
    After reading your thread last night I decided to test my 8.3.. I had not given it much thought until now.. but I think after my results, I would say you are having some sort of drainage issue with your Mum's tablet.

    A factory reset may be worth a shot for you.. Good Luck.
    03-06-2014 04:13 PM
  10. David Coombes's Avatar
    Yep. Thanks to you guys, I knew it wasn't working properly and got a replacement (factory reset didn't help). The new one has almost no battery drain in standby, exactly as it should be! Rude letter sent to LG for basically lying to me saying 2.5% per hour was acceptable. Thanks all.

    And a positive for Cooperative Electronics who sold it, who arranged a replacement by good courier the next day at no charge and collecting the busted device.
    03-08-2014 10:42 AM

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