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    This morning I was trying to launch YouTube and kept getting and error saying "Google Play Services have stopped"...so I restarted the device and it's stuck on a reboot cycle. I have a 1 year warranty from LG but cannot find the IMEI number for the device (I threw put the original box) and the sticker on the back of it isn't the IMEI code.

    Can someone help me? I bought the device on Groupon and have asked them to try getting the IMEI code from the seller...

    Posted via Android Central App on Nexus 5 or LG G2
    01-28-2015 11:50 AM
  2. korab84's Avatar
    I did a factory reset by booting into stock Android recovery and solved my problem:

    - Press and hold Power Button + Volume Down
    - When the LG logo shows up, release the power button only
    - Now press and hold the Power and Volume Up button while keeping your hold on the Volume Down button
    - When the factory reset screen appears, release your hold on all buttons
    - Follow On Screen Indications

    I still cannot find the IMEI number on the Settings for the LG G Pad 8.3, WiFi only, (not linked to any mobile provider).
    01-28-2015 11:04 PM
  3. Wiser1956's Avatar
    So I have tried the reboot by the power button and volume button. I have tried safe mode and debug and still it is just stick on the verizon boot page. I have read others who tried the factory reset and then it was stuck on a robot with a triangle. So has anyone has any success with a factory reset with this?
    04-17-2016 10:43 PM

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