1. colton groters's Avatar
    Verizon released the OTA for lollipop 5.0.2


    Posted via the Android Central App
    05-21-2015 01:41 PM
  2. p38jlightning's Avatar
    My update came through this (5/21) afternoon.

    Absolutely no problems or issues with the download or install.

    Running smoothly with v 5.02 and with absolutely NO issues with my home wifi!

    Now if only Verizon and LG would pull their collective heads for their collective orifices and put out a v. 5.02 for the LG G3 to correct the wifi issues with 5.01, I would feel my life had been fulfilled!

    Absolutely no WiFi issues with the gPad update so "go figure"!
    05-21-2015 04:51 PM
  3. radyoactive's Avatar
    Popped my Sim from my phone yesterday and no update. Did it again today and was able to get the OTA. Haven't really messed with it but nice to get an update on the underrated tablet.
    05-21-2015 06:35 PM
  4. johna2u's Avatar
    Updated my g pad this afternoon. Everything went smooth. I couldnt figure out how to switch users at first.
    Pull down the notification panel and touch the dot on the top right hand corner. Then you see the user options. Pretty slick.

    Sent from my SM-T320
    05-21-2015 10:51 PM
  5. colton groters's Avatar
    Had a few hiccups when first installed, restarted and everything runs perfectly. Love the new UI

    Posted via the Android Central App
    05-22-2015 07:12 AM
  6. Eric faley's Avatar
    Mine updated no problem. I recently bought this tablet and didn't realize it was a 2 year old model. Verizon came out with the G Pad x the next week. I tried to trade it back in for the G pad X . Verizon wanted a $70.00 restocking fee plus of course another line activation fee. Oh well I really like the tablet.

    Posted via the Android Central App
    06-07-2015 12:33 PM

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