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    I have LG R watch paired with Verizon HTC One one. It was working fine until recent Android Marshmallow upgrade. Now the watch does not get the calls, but does get the messages via Coffee app. Also test notifications from Android Wear are not received by the watch, but updates for watch faces are coming trough. One app, that I remove from the phone (Apollo Wear Launcher) still on the the watch, even I already went trough factory reset of the watch and reinstalled Android Wear app! Also, weather updates and stock updates are no longer received by the watch..
    I really like the watch, but I don't know know if it is the phone, new Android or the actual watch that cause all such problems.
    Anyone have any suggestions! I tried everything possible except factory reset of the phone (I did it for the watch), but no luck.
    03-22-2016 12:57 PM

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