1. Mikest's Avatar
    I've seen the camera icon on several watch screen shots so I installed Google Camera but I can't seem to get the google camera icon or app to show up on my G Watch. Am I missing something?
    07-29-2014 02:33 PM
  2. fridgey100's Avatar
    Open the camera on your phone first and then you'll see a shutter button appear on your watch. Unfortunately it doesn't look like you can launch the camera from you watch...unless someone knows how to ?

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    07-29-2014 02:49 PM
  3. Mikest's Avatar
    Ahh so its only when the app is open. From the watch screen shots I thought the camera appeared in the bottom right constantly. Thanks.
    07-29-2014 02:55 PM
  4. mr_nobody's Avatar
    This is a more full featured camera app for wear, it allows remote preview which I don't think camera does. No idea if you can launch it remotely or not but give it a try...

    07-29-2014 03:31 PM
  5. Tower72's Avatar
    Well on my M8..If I say open camera..it will open the HTC camera..but there is not option to take a photo, since that is linked to the google camera only
    07-30-2014 07:27 PM

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