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    Rooted LG G2 D-800, TWRP installed with nandroid backup and xposed framework.

    . . . . . . . . . . *!long post¡*

    Recently did something stupid, was bored so I went looking around my files (not sure why it entertains me but it does)
    saw a file that looked very similar to a xposed framework module that I installed a while ago but deleted shortly after getting it, I saw it was around 3.28 MBs and deleted it thinking it was a left over file from the module...

    While goes by and I get a random call or two from a number in California I try to go into my call log but it says "contacts has stopped working" alright I force close it and clear cache (normally gets apps to open for me)

    I try phone and the same message, I try contacts same message...

    I then went into titanium backup attempting to restore contacts (starting to think deleting that file wasn't a good idea) when I try to restore it it does the usual titanium backup restore and then takes me the LG install screen although it just says "application is not installed on device"

    So I'm guessing either find the file I deleted online and reinstall it (and hope it doesn't come with a virus) or I can flash my nandroid back up

    Thing is I've never flashed a ROM so I don't know the risks of flashing the stock ROM while on stock what to clear what not to clear etc.

    (also tried disabling xposed framework and nothing)

    The deleted file was in system/framework

    Thanks for any help, really regret trying to get 3.28 MBs of storage free

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    08-04-2014 06:37 PM
  2. ndowens's Avatar
    With the phones I have used I haven't bricked them. Follow the guide completely and make sure it is for the model you are on. Don't unplug when it is in the process.
    12-15-2014 01:09 PM

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