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    My favorite G2 Productivity Feature-screenshot_2013-09-14-14-52-14.jpgI don't know if this has already been implemented in past devices but this feature is outstanding. While on a Web page or anywhere else in your G2 you can pull down the notification screen and choose one or more of the Qslide apps without having to leave the screen you currently have active. For example you can select the phone app from the Qslide, make a call, hang up and the G2 returns you to the screen you were on. You can choose the email app and look at your emails right on top of the current screen you're on. Once you're done just X out of the email app and you're current screen is there waiting for you. This is so convenient.

    My favorite G2 Productivity Feature-screenshot_2013-09-14-14-51-51.jpg
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    09-14-2013 03:31 PM

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