1. subhash_i's Avatar
    I am having weird issue with my g2.Every time my phone is shut down and rebooted i see a log in my online account as i have used a text message.All messages are sent to a number 0050004000.In messaging app. there is no log i am sending text messages.Called tech support.They told me to reset to factory default.Did that and all it did was create a new message sent.This is driving me nuts.Can anyone please suggest how to fix this problem.Did google search and found people having this issue with some sms pop app but mine was stock.Nothing installed.Straight out of factory.
    09-16-2013 08:01 PM
  2. tomatosouplabs's Avatar
    Wow, I am going to start counting my text messages too. I can't believe it's possible but what if you got some sort of (LG) developer debug build loaded on your phone? Someone forgot to remove some debug code? Maybe you should post the content of your Software Information screen and we compare builds. Did tech support ask your software version?

    Are these versions going to be different between carriers? I suppose it would.

    Maybe it's a trojan. Maybe it is texting your gmail password. Maybe I'm not being too helpful.
    09-16-2013 08:31 PM
  3. subhash_i's Avatar
    my build version: 4.2.2

    baseband version: vs98010b-m8974a-aaaanazm-1.0.191007
    kernel version:3.4.0-perf-g36462bf-00001-g444dcd1
    build :jdq39b
    09-16-2013 08:59 PM
  4. tomatosouplabs's Avatar
    Identical to mine. I rebooted and then checked count of text messages with verizon app and it didn't go up.
    09-16-2013 11:02 PM
  5. mcaspe1's Avatar

    Try this app to see if you have some weird application giving permission to send out SMS messages.

    Posted via Android Central App
    09-17-2013 05:57 AM
  6. subhash_i's Avatar
    I dont have any installed except one slacker radio which came with phone.Lookout did not find any thing.My be i have to exchange the phone or ask them to get me a new sim card
    09-17-2013 06:03 AM

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