1. adaorange's Avatar
    I've gone through the usual ways I do in on my former HTC phone and I can't find a place to block a number. There must be a way to do this. Thanks if you have some info for me.
    09-27-2013 09:08 AM
  2. viper31573's Avatar
    i use a free app on my note 2 called call blocker. it works great
    09-27-2013 09:14 AM
  3. mhunter6378's Avatar
    If the caller's number is in your call history log, just touch and hold, an option to reject comes up. You can also open the phone app, press menu to open settings, select call reject and manually enter phone numbers there. That is how it is on the AT&T version at least, don't know if any other carriers variants have any differences.
    09-27-2013 09:18 AM
  4. adaorange's Avatar
    nope, no call reject option in the verizon version. thanks verizon!
    09-27-2013 09:32 AM
  5. fonger13's Avatar
    you can set it up through your verizon account: use http://www.vzw.com/spamcontrols
    09-27-2013 11:35 AM
  6. majicjazz's Avatar
    download the app current caller id from the play store
    09-27-2013 11:59 AM
  7. liddellw1's Avatar
    Or just long press on number for options to handle number, i.e. block or add to reject list.
    09-27-2013 07:07 PM

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