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    Not sure if anyone else has a car radio with built in Pandora capabilities using the G2..if so, I'm needing your feedback.

    When I start Pandora on my G2 and turn my car radio to the source called "BT Audio" I can stream the Pandora stations just fine. The radio allows me to skip etc. I can't however use thumb up/down.

    When I switch my radio to the "Pandora" source, the display just says "Check Device" and I can never get the two Pandora systems to synch up so I can use all the car radios Pandora features.

    Anyone else have issue? My G4 had some issues like this but after some software update on the phone, it went away. Wondering is the G2 is just in need of some tweaked software down the road to make it work? I don't mind using the earlier mentioned way to listen, but it would be nice to have the radio app actually work as advertised.
    09-30-2013 08:46 AM

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