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    Only 19 agonizing days left until we get our g2s. So why don't we start gathering tips and tricks here. I have looked around and have found some pretty cool features that I had no idea the phone had!

    I'll post some links when I can.
    And sorry if there is already a thread.

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    10-20-2013 01:46 AM
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    This is not my video I found it on YouTube If you can make it through she goes through alot of sweet software features.

    And this one of course. Its an Android Central vid.
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    10-21-2013 01:09 AM
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    This is a cool app to review: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...training&hl=en

    Article that goes with the above video: LG G2 - 10 Tips and Tricks

    10-21-2013 09:12 AM
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    I'll post some of the cool little features that I find neat:
    1. Tap on - works pretty well, takes a little getting used to. You kind of have to figure out where on the screen it detects it the best.
    2. Button layout - this took a lot of getting used to. I found myself fumbling dc x,,nd on the sides trying to unlock the phone for about a week. Now that I've gotten it down, I love it.
    3. Screen size - Awesome. Phone is same size as my ONE, and with a 5.2"screen. Great picture, only complaint is in games, full screen windows, there is about 1/4" space taken up by on screen buttons.
    4. Customization - one of my favorite non-hardware features. All icons can be customized, even stock. Also able to adjust size of the icon. Made a"contact widget" for my fiancee and changed the icon to a photo out of my gallery. You can also make custom LED color for specific callers.
    5. (Negative) Speakers - 2. Located on the bottom of the phone on either side of charging port. Games and videos only come out of one speaker, and when gaming (or anything with audio you use in landscape mode), your hand completely covers the speaker when held comfortably
    6. (Negative) Data/Voice - this may be a deal breaker for some. Not able to connect to data while on a phone call unless on WiFi. The LG rep wasn't aware of this till I told him, and said it works on Verizon. The only other phones that have this problem in Sprint are iPhones
    7. Qslide, Slide aside, quick memo - great multi tasking features. quick memo allows you to write on a screen shot and save our share it. Accessible by holding volume down, or adding button to bottom of screen along with back, hinge, and menu.
    8. Clip tray - saves copied text and pics to a board, instead of only being able to paste last item copied.
    Bottom line, love the phone. I do miss my HTC when it comes to anything multimedia related, but battery life is much better, although there were quite a few background apps I had running on my HTC (gravity screen, dock for droid) that I don't need in the LG because of its features.

    Key me know if anyone has questions!

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    10-21-2013 07:32 PM

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