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    I can not figure out how to edit one of my contacts using the address book on my G2. I use hotmail for email,contacts and calendar. Any help would be much appreciated

    The address book says it can't edit this contact

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    10-23-2013 12:20 AM
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    Bump, was wondering if anybody knows of a solution

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    10-23-2013 03:09 PM
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    I have looked ans looked and can't find anything regarding this.

    Ifind it silly that I can sync calendar and email in real time but not contacts. Contacts sync but I can't edit or add new ones. This is making me think Togo back to Windows Phone.

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    10-26-2013 08:54 AM
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    i can't figure it out either ????
    10-26-2013 09:18 AM
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    From what I have read, it appears to be an Outlook.com (and hotmail/live/msn) and Android (not just LG G2) issue.

    Now I can't edit contact and add new contact to outlook.com - Microsoft Community

    It's a good read, and there are some work-arounds in there too.
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    10-27-2013 10:30 AM
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    It's now 2015.11 and there is still no fix to this. My family's 2 Android phones (LG G2 w KitKat, and Sony Experia Ultra Google Play Edition with 5.1) cannot do it. Since there is no dialer in the new (and good)Outlook.com Android app, you need to use the native dialer, so, goodbye Microsoft?
    11-20-2015 11:59 AM

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