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    You see I've been unsatisfied with the camera on the LG G2, it doesn't focus in time to do anything and never locks focus either which makes it a pain to use.
    Lately I installed the Nexus 4 APK which worked instantly! sadly though its capped on 8mps (which I'm okay with personally)
    I don't use or recommend you use the extra features in that camera APK as it seems its faulty somehow (makes my phone hot! which is the only time that happened!)

    You can also opt for the Nexus 5 camera apk but I wouldn't recommend it as its taking into consideration that the new KitKat immersion mode is on (which means buttons are placed awkwardly)

    I tried five paid apps (some with a 5$ price tags) and I was still not satisfied with them, Nokia Camera really ruined camera apps for me.

    How about you guys what camera apps do YOU use?

    (google Nexus 4/5 camera APK download to get yours too tired to post the links myself. )
    11-01-2013 11:50 PM
  2. tondagossa's Avatar
    I started playing around with the Nexus 5 camera app yesterday. At the same resolution (8MP), it appears to me that the N5 version comes out a bit softer, though less processed, than the G2 version. I am in no way a pro photographer, but I think if you're taking pictures with light sources in the frame (sky, windows with lights on, street lights, etc.) the N5 app works best - it's less blown out, less overcompensation and post-processing. For regular shots with decent lighting, the G2 still looks best to me - sharper details overall (most noticeable if you zoom in).

    If you're curious, I say try it yourself as your mileage may vary. It installed fine on my rooted LG-D800 (though I'm pretty sure root is not needed). It's easy to find on the XDA forum.
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    11-02-2013 09:23 AM

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