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    Disclaimer: I used Android for about 3 years but quickly grew to hate android OS entirely and I am a windows Phone user(though I do love the HTC One). However, given that I am meant to be the tech of my family I unfortunately have to more or less stay reasonably up to date with Android phones to help out so i do tend to hover around AC a lot.

    Anyway, I just wanted your thoughts on the Camera of the LG G2(my brother's) compared to my Lumia 1520. His camera seems to be a bit softer, less sharp(in my opinion) with the colors looking more realistic. Much to my chagrin, my Lumia seems to have fairly sharp photos but the color, exposure and at times focus is just not impressive at all.

    I already asked this on WPcentral but i figured I'd pop in and see what you guys think and get your opinions of the photo samples
    Camera is a big thing to me(Not enough to get me to use an Android as my personal phone again by any means) when buying a phone.

    I will say I absolutely love this Phone's button layout...So Unique and clever!

    But what do you guys think of the cameras and I hope you don't mind me posting here!

    Also Footnote: These are the 5 Megapixel of the Lumia 1520 that have been oversampled with the Camera's 20 Megapixel camera vs the LG G2's 13 megapixels(I believe)
    1. The Dollhouses(Top is Lumia 1520, Bottom LG G2)
    LG G2 camera vs Lumia 1520: What do you think?-wp_20131130_12_49_57_pro.jpg
    LG G2 camera vs Lumia 1520: What do you think?-v__647b.jpg

    2. The Dolls
    LG G2 camera vs Lumia 1520: What do you think?-picmonkey-collage.jpg
    LG G2 camera vs Lumia 1520: What do you think?-picmonkey-collage2.jpg
    LG G2 camera vs Lumia 1520: What do you think?-picmonkey-collage3-1-.jpg
    12-06-2013 10:21 PM
  2. tx_tuff's Avatar
    Are you trying to win some kind of bet or something?
    12-07-2013 02:40 AM
  3. Nogitsune Micah's Avatar
    Are you trying to win some kind of bet or something?
    Yes I am totally trying to win a bet. /s LMFAO.

    Anyway, the point of the thread was to get the opinions from ANDROID Users(more specifically those who own an LG G2).
    I more or less prefer the camera of the G2 to the camera of my 1520...though it is far less sharper than the 1520 and i was wondering what actual owners of the phone thought of the comparison of the photos.....or perhaps they have suggestions on improving the character.
    12-07-2013 03:24 AM
  4. SactoKingsFan's Avatar
    The Lumia pics look too dark, while the G2 pics look pretty good. I've been pretty happy with the overall performance of the camera on my G2. Outdoor pics almost always look great and HDR is a nice feature. Only issues I can think of are slow focus and action shots.

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    12-07-2013 03:47 AM
  5. tx_tuff's Avatar
    To me the G2 pictures look better, no doubt it takes better pictures in lower lighting. The first pictures to me the G2 looked sharper, in the first doll picture the sharpness looks about the same to me and in the 2nd doll picture the 1520 looks a little sharper. The last with the flash I didn't even take a good look, the pictures I have taken with the flash on my G2 I really didn't care for much. But I have gotten great pics on low lighting so that doesn't bother me.

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    12-07-2013 05:51 AM
  6. jaseman#AC's Avatar
    I just want to know why you like playing with dolls so much????
    12-09-2013 01:41 PM
  7. kollarism's Avatar
    I think the Lumia really benefits in its zoom capability. In everyday photos, I think the top 3 or 4 smartphone cameras are similar. Happy with the G2 though.
    12-09-2013 03:06 PM

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