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    Ok so I got my LG G2 a couple days ago, came from an iPhone 4. It's great so far and I am glad I chose the G2.

    1. Anyways, I am having trouble with the group messaging. Whenever I send a message to multiple people, the replies are individual SMS messages to me and I have to download them. I have tried using the stock app, Hangouts, 8sms, and Go SMS and can't get it to work. My dad has a Nexus 5 and he has used both Hangouts and Go SMS and been able to group message and I have used the same settings that he has and still can't get it right. Anyone else had a problem with this and was able to fix it, or know how to fix it? Or use another messaging app that works?

    2. Coming from iPhone, I liked having a code on the lock screen to unlock it, but I am using WidgetLocker and can't figure out any ways to have a pattern/code/whatever to unlock it. I don't really like the stock locker and so I'm trying to find an alternative, also have Go Locker but it looks like you have to pay for every locker theme. Are there any themes for WidgetLocker that have a lock code/pattern?

    Any help would be appreciated thanks!
    01-11-2014 03:14 PM
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    With widget locker you use your phone's lock code or pattern widget locker just customises the actual lock screen

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    01-11-2014 03:25 PM
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    First of all, welcome to Android. Go to the apps drawer stock messaging icon, go to settings in the stock messaging { three horizontal lines right bottom of screen }, notifications, uncheck or unmark notifications { check out screen shots }. Then go to Google Play Store, search for TEXTRA, the most secure and solid SMS app in Android. GO SMS Pro not good at G2. I paid $19.99 for the prime, no ads, all themes free version. It got a freaking lag regarding the addressee of my text messages, so when I sent a message to my wife it's goes to my boss phone. The importat thing is to unmark notification in settings at the SMS stock, then you can search for: Chomp SMS, Handcent SMS, Easy SMS, Hangouts ( Google) , 8sms Stock Messaging Kit Kat ( Google) , Whats App Messenger.-uploadfromtaptalk1389477569247.jpg-uploadfromtaptalk1389477652015.jpg-uploadfromtaptalk1389477671358.jpg

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    01-11-2014 04:02 PM
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    Ok, let's see your lock code or lockscreen with your set password. Go to settings on your G2, Lock Screen ( stock) , Select Screen Lock , check none { check out the screen shots }. GO LOCKER works fine at G2. I got the paid or prime version, brings two paid themes. By the way the best paid theme is BEEHIVE. You can search for MagicLocker it's free and got free and paid themes. Check out Holo Locker it's free and got a paid or prime key, you need to install the free one first so the prime key can opens prime functions. Sometimes, maybe sometimes, when you set a code or password on a third party lockscreen it's freak out and work crazy bad . Remember to check none in select screen lock at stock lockscreen settings. Enjoy your G2.-uploadfromtaptalk1389479894254.jpg-uploadfromtaptalk1389479921777.jpg

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    01-11-2014 04:43 PM

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