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    Hello, I am attempting to install the TWRP recovery on a G2 and am failing when pushing the loki_flash to /data/local/tmp/ . It is failing telling me that it is a Read-Only file system. Below are the steps i have taken and completed successfully

    - Rooted phone using ioroot
    - confirmed root access via RootChecker
    - enabled USB debugging
    - installed LG G2 drivers
    - receive the RSA fingerprint pop-up everytime i attach phone to computer

    Here is the message in its entirety: adb push loki_flash \data\local\tmp\loki_flash failed to copy 'loki_flash' to '\data\local\tmp\loki_flash': Read-only file system

    Any ideas? If more info is needed please let me know (or if i put this in the wrong forum ).

    Thanks in advance, and because of the great support and information in these forums, this is actually my first post!!
    01-19-2014 09:13 AM
  2. zuessh's Avatar
    Ok, so now i'm pretty embarrassed... the issue was i had \ (windows) instead of the / (*nix)...
    01-19-2014 09:46 AM

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