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    I've noticed some faint diagonal stripes on my LG G2 (LG-D802). They make a pixel like pattern of stripes, only diagonal from upper left to lower right and mostly visible on solid clear colors like red, green or blue. The stripes are very thin and the width of the stripes is comparable/or slightly smaller then the pixel width of my old Samsung Galaxy S2 (>200PPI). In other words, it's not something I see all of the time but it gets noticeable when you look closely. And as I said it is mostly visible on solid colors, and not on text and other edges where pixels normally is visible (not that I think this is the actual pixels I see). One of the easiest ways to see it is to search after "red" on google images, but it is also visible in most apps or on the homescreen.

    Is this something anyone else has experienced/noticed, or is it it my display that is faulty?

    It was not easy to capture this on camera, but the stripes are barely visible in the red of the Google+ icon and in the dark blue of the image icon. For size comparison; I use Nova Launcher with icon size 70% and the Minimal UI icon pack.
    Visible pixel-like diagonal stripes on clear colors on my LG G2-diagonalstripeslgg2.jpg
    01-27-2014 03:29 PM

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