1. jeffreynothing43's Avatar
    I didn't notice before the Spark update, but it seems like now when my phone powers up / reboots etc, the notification sound is distorted. None of the other sounds in the phone seem that way. I was just wondering if this is normal. Can anyone verify this by rebooting (with Spark update) and letting me know if it sounds crackly or distorted? Btw, the power down sounds perfect.
    02-13-2014 07:33 PM
  2. MWSlim's Avatar
    Yep mine is distorted too

    Tapatalked from my LG-G2
    02-13-2014 07:36 PM
  3. TonyLibations's Avatar
    Definitely distorted.

    Sent from The LG-G2.
    02-13-2014 09:29 PM
  4. jeffreynothing43's Avatar
    Thank you. I'm glad to know
    A) my phone is not defective
    B) I'm not crazy.
    Anyone know what's up with this BTW?
    02-14-2014 12:15 AM

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