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    I recently downloaded the sportscenter app to get the latest score to games, problem is when I'm out and about, I don't get any alerts (when i know there's a game on). The second i come home and connect with the Wi-Fi I'll get multiple alerts about the game and score. I though it might just be sportscenter (and well the notifications are late) so I decided to download The Score app, but i'm getting the same issue. I've gone in the app to make sure notifications are on, contacted them (they said they don't have a Wi-Fi only setting), made sure that in the settings/data manager, the app is not set to restrict background data, mobile data is turned on, and in the setting/apps made sure that the app is running and that show notifications box is checked. What am I missing? I have sync on and I don't have the battery saver on... anyone have any ideas?
    03-08-2014 02:40 PM

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