1. Rahul Puri4's Avatar
    Hi . I purchased a used LG G2 and didnt know that teamwin was installed or if it was stock or rooted.

    I noticed an update available and downloaded the same, post which my phone restarted and is now in a bootloop of Team Win recovery Projects menu.
    I am not able to get the phone to boot Android anymore

    Request all of my senior colleagues to help me as I am a total Newbie and tried to get it fixed from the LG service center but even they couldnt do it as the process is getting stuck at the same place each time.
    03-13-2014 01:30 PM
  2. NevetsDrassel's Avatar
    What carrier.....
    03-13-2014 01:50 PM
  3. ScottsoNJ's Avatar
    03-13-2014 07:40 PM
  4. Rahul Puri4's Avatar
    Dear Scott. Tried the same. Phone gets stuck on the LG Boot screen logo :-(
    03-14-2014 10:53 AM
  5. ScottsoNJ's Avatar
    03-15-2014 11:34 AM
  6. Rahul Puri4's Avatar
    Is there any way I can get a link to download the International Rom as I have an unlocked phone and not ATT
    03-15-2014 02:07 PM
  7. Illustrator Joe's Avatar
    This exact same thing happened to me. Bought off ebay didn't know it was rooted twrp recovery. Google for the terminal code to get you out of the boot loop. Then from there xda thread to get back to stock AT&T software if you want.

    03-15-2014 03:28 PM
  8. joanniex44's Avatar
    Hey scott,

    i am stuck on the teamwin page because my boyfriend root my tab without telling me. i read everything you explain but to be honnest i did not find any of those option on that screen. and when i tried to recovered it, it failed everytime. i just want to sell my tab but now i cannot even do something with it !!!! helllpppppppppppp
    07-05-2016 06:46 AM
  9. joanniex44's Avatar
    please help me !!
    07-05-2016 06:47 AM
  10. ScottsoNJ's Avatar
    please help me !!
    Which model # is it?
    07-11-2016 09:29 AM

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