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    I just posted this over to the Verizon G2 forums as well, but I figured I'd cross-post it here as well in the event that anyone knows a solution.

    I'm having an issue where enabling WiFi is causing some applications to force-close after a few seconds. This is happening with Zooper Pro, Tasker, and VSCO Cam. This only occurs when WiFi is enabled, but I am not currently connected to a network. It doesn't happen when I'm connected to a WiFi network. It seems to be related to the "Notify Me when WiFi is Available" option in the WiFi settings. With it unchecked, some apps simply force close after a few seconds. If it's enabled, apps will force close unless I hit the "remind me later" pop-up.

    Outside of simply turning off WiFi when I'm not using it, is there any possible solutions?
    03-15-2014 03:29 PM

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