1. chrisnutt's Avatar
    Hi guys been seeing on web people complaining of headphone hissing noise a after kitkat update on lgg2 ,anybody have it? Kitkat not arrived in UK yet an I'm wondering wether to hold off updating when it does.Thanks for any replys
    03-26-2014 03:46 AM
  2. Subae Sebai's Avatar
    I've got the same problem here. Ihave updated my LG G2 to 4.4.2 today and it was pretty good until I played a video on Facebook. First I though that it's my headphones problem so I tested it on my brother mobile and it worked fine with no problems ..
    03-26-2014 01:26 PM
  3. Ryan Atchason's Avatar
    Same I'm on Verizon lg g2 4.2.2 jellybean xc still nonupdate

    Posted via Android Central App
    03-26-2014 01:32 PM
  4. The Bard's Avatar
    Same here, left side have annoying noise sound. Right side still good.

    LG G2 D802 KitKat stock rom.

    Posted via Android Central App
    03-26-2014 03:34 PM
  5. littlegreenman70's Avatar
    Same here. Only had the phone 1 day, came with Jellybean. Didn't have much time to play about with my new phone on jellybean. Next day kitkat update arrived. Downloaded it and now I'm having the weird buzzing audio with headphones. There is also an audio problem whilst capturing video too. It seems like the G2 is strongly filtering the audio! Normal loudness is being strongly distorted (e.g. in music or speech it sounds like its skipping, from normal loudness to distorted/filtered quieter then quickly back. Very low/quiet frequencies are just about completely filtered out too. Not sure how to exactly explain how it sounds but it sounds so bad that I burst out with " WTF is this Sh*t!?" on hearing my first attempt at testing the LG G2's camera. All camera settings are on default too.
    03-28-2014 10:56 AM
  6. OhAlfie's Avatar
    Not hearing any weird sounds so far. Using At&t G2. Nice and quiet like it should be.
    03-28-2014 11:26 AM
  7. TouchPerception's Avatar
    I thought i was tripping. Lol. It only happens on the web though. :o. The left side of my headphones was making a weird sound.

    LG G2 on 4.4. Kit-Kat <3
    03-28-2014 01:45 PM
  8. Jakob49's Avatar
    Exact same issue here. My phone is brand new, so i did not get a chance to try headphone output before the update. But as the audio output is now, it is utterly useless
    04-01-2014 04:37 PM
  9. Jakob49's Avatar
    I have the issue with all headphone audio output: Music, Google Play, Radio, Videos and Youtube. The issue is present with three different headphones: Sennheiser Momentum, Sennheiser PX360 and the LG earplugs.

    Tried a LG G2 in the local store today (4.2.2) and the headphone audio output was perfect, just as it is supposed to be. I have sent an email to the local LG support-site (Denmark), hopefully they have a solution.

    Is it possible to downgrade to 4.2.2 ?. It is also annoying that it is longer possible to disable Qslide in the notification area on Kitkat.
    04-02-2014 11:40 AM
  10. Sincs's Avatar
    Earphone noise since upgrading here too.

    And to last poster... It is still possible to remove Qslide in kitkat. If it's not in your notification bar toggles already go to edit and enable the toggle and then go back to notification bar and then you'll be able to turn Qslide off.
    04-02-2014 06:06 PM
  11. Jakob49's Avatar
    Thanks Sincs, hadn't really thoguht of that, but Qslide is now disabled.

    The official response from the local LG support is that they are aware of the issue and are working on a solution.
    04-03-2014 11:24 AM
  12. Azhar Ahmed1's Avatar
    Hello Guys,
    I received my update on 07/04/2014 before update my headphones was working fine with clear sound quality but it was yesterday that when i used my sennheiser headphone and i noticed that there was a wired buzzy sound on my left ear phone. i checked my headphones on different devices like NOTE3 10.1" and S3-i9300 they are working fine. But the strange thing is that when i tried s3 headphones on G2 it was not giving any buzzing sound although sound was not very clear but the sound which was coming from my sennheiser it was not there. Any updates on this issue? or how can i report this issue to LG, could anyone one give me email id of LG representative so that is could mail them.
    04-25-2014 01:48 AM
  13. Azhar Ahmed1's Avatar
    My sennheiser CX870 is also having the same issue.
    04-25-2014 01:49 AM
  14. Jakob49's Avatar
    There should be a contact form on your local lg.com page, under Support and contact. I havent heard anything since they confirmed the issue and stated that they were working on a solution.
    04-28-2014 01:16 PM
  15. OhAlfie's Avatar
    Hello Guys,
    I received my update on 07/04/2014
    So you live in the future?
    04-28-2014 02:35 PM
  16. Sincs's Avatar
    So you live in the future?
    No... he lives in a part of the world that uses the dd/mm/yy date format.... like it should be.
    Jakob49 likes this.
    04-28-2014 03:30 PM
  17. OhAlfie's Avatar
    No... he lives in a part of the world that uses the dd/mm/yy date format.... like it should be.
    So it's the 4th of July (2014) where he lives then. Interesting.
    04-28-2014 03:46 PM
  18. Sincs's Avatar
    So it's the 4th of July (2014) where he lives then. Interesting.
    Let me help you out....

    The first rule of trying to be smart: Don't be dumb.
    acejavelin and Jakob49 like this.
    04-28-2014 03:55 PM
  19. alancamuk's Avatar
    Tech support confirmed that it's a software bug.

    Just like not being able to use the touchscreen on insulating surfaces was a bug in jellybean.
    04-29-2014 11:20 AM
  20. heisowen's Avatar
    I got the phone about a month ago and am having this issue. It's been a while since anyone has posted here but is anyone still getting the issue? or should it have been resolved?
    08-06-2014 05:14 AM
  21. anthony2558's Avatar
    Mine does the same. I went back to the moto x to see if it was just the headphones but it not. Def an LG issue. No clue on a fix tho.
    08-12-2014 09:13 PM
  22. Jakob49's Avatar
    The problem has been solved on my phone :-). I cant tell you when it was fixed, or which update it was, as i havent used headphones on my phone in a long time. I tried it today and the sound was a good as one can expect from a phone.
    09-09-2014 11:33 AM
  23. junaidzia's Avatar
    [InTE=chrisnutt;3533797]Hi guys been seeing on web people complaining of headphone hissing noise a after kitkat update on lgg2 ,anybody have it? Kitkat not arrived in UK yet an I'm wondering wether to hold off updating when it does.Thanks for any replys
    I updgraded my lg g2 from 4.2.2. Jellybean to 4.4.2. Kit kat and i had the same issue of hissing sound in left ear piece of my headphones. I got annoyed and surfed internet for possible solutions. And i came across one suggestion of again updating my software. I checked and downloaded the another new update of around 135 mb and wallah sounds became perfect just like earlier and it solved my sound problem. Now i have disabled automatic software updates for preventing issues In future... im writing this just to let know you guys thats this issue is not permanent and recoverable.
    10-12-2014 05:18 AM
  24. CHJAN's Avatar
    I had this problem last summer, did the upgrade prescribed by juneaidzia, and also got rid of the problem. BUT, problem sometimes recur after a (normal) restart of the machine. Happened once autumn 2014, and then again today as I restarted the machine (I do that not-too-often).

    How to get rid of the problem I really don't know, but working with development of Android audio apps, I know that this type of audio "hizz" is typical of digital noise. It is just very annoying if not unbearable.

    As LG promotes the LG G2 and LG G3 as having superior sound system, I am surprised that LG does not show some respect for their customers and fix the bug within the timeframe of more than a year. With all the time passed one could suspect that LG is unaware. Hopefully there will be an error fix in the Lollipop upgrade that the Norwegian customer support assures me is "just around the corner"?

    I wish there was a way to contact LG technical staff in Korea and make a notification of this.
    01-22-2015 03:41 AM
  25. KillMHz's Avatar
    Yes, I found me too. The problem is that it also does with Lollipop, with the first release issued a few days ago. It is also affected by this problem the microphone.
    01-24-2015 08:04 AM

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