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    Since I got my LG G2 I experience a weak GPS signal and unusual high magnetic field numbers. A GPS fix takes quite long and is less accurate than the G2 of a friend. Funny thing is: I had the same problem with my previous G2 which I got replaced by this one.

    Und exact the same circumstances as the other G2, mine just functions very poorly. See the attached screenshot for difference in fixes and magnetic field. Settings are exactly the same and I already tried clearing the AGPS, turning it off and on, rebooting, resetting and having WiFi turned off and on. Update to 4.4 didn't change the situation.

    What can I do about it?

    LG G2 GPS & Magnetic Field Troubles-schermafbeelding-2014-04-02-om-13.31.00.png
    04-02-2014 07:34 AM
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    A little update:

    I heard about problems with the GPS antenna and that some guy lifted this antenna on his Nexus 5 with a piece of paper, with a big overall improvement. So, I tried some things and one of those was letting the LG G2 have contact with glass of a window. I noticed something strange:

    With contact with glass: every second update about satellites and quality of signal, every second improving accuracy
    Without contact (1 mm distance): like GPS was paused, very few updates, poor accuracy, losing connection with satellites

    So, can it be that overall conductance of the signal over the back cover is bad and that it improves by making contact with other surfaces? (as glass is a bad conductor in general, I would find this strange).

    And second, did anybody try to improve the conductance from the antenna to the case in any way?
    04-03-2014 07:56 AM
  3. tvdberg's Avatar
    04-07-2014 04:29 AM

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