1. snipsey2's Avatar
    Just figured I'd throw this out there for all my fellow G2 users...

    I have noticed that sometimes if I let my battery get below 15%, the next day it seems like the battery doesn't last as long. I have found that if you are having these battery issues with the G2, all I do is:

    - Charge phone to 100% capacity
    -(With phone still plugged in @ 100% capacity), hold the power button on the back, and do a soft restart. Once the phone is back up and running again, you're good to go!

    I think what this does is re-calibrate the battery, so it knows exactly where 0% charge is, so you get more accurate readings. Found this out after trying multiple things, so I figured I'd share to try and help out other people
    04-08-2014 07:48 PM
  2. KeepItReal's Avatar
    I will give it a try!

    Posted via Android Central App
    04-08-2014 11:23 PM
  3. Jastow's Avatar
    I've had good results with this, thanks!

    posted from LG G2
    04-15-2014 12:44 AM
  4. jstasen's Avatar
    Will try! Thanks

    Posted via Android Central App
    04-15-2014 06:20 AM

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