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    Help! I'm running a rooted G2 under Verizon -- stock except for Nova Launcher. Here's the problem:
    When I go to Location access, I cannot turn off "Wi-Fi & mobile network location."

    If I turn off the main "Access to my location" slider and turn it back on, it asks my permission for Wi-Fi location straight off the bat. If I decline, it won't turn location on at all.

    Once the main location setting is on, "Wi-Fi & mobile network location" is already selected. If I try to uncheck it, the checkmark simply reappears after a second or two. (The "GPS & Verizon location services" works as expected -- I can turn it off, and if I turn it on, it asks for permission again.)

    Any ideas what might be forcing "Wi-Fi & mobile network location" on? I could list everything I have installed, but I thought there might be a known culprit. Many thanks!
    04-09-2014 02:35 PM

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