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    I received the update yesterday and am in the process of getting everything back and running, in essence here is what I did:
    1. Received notification of update
    2. Used LG Backup to capture complete backup and moved it off the phone
    3. Ran the update
    4. Performed Factory Data Reset
    5. Restoring the backup onto the phone (this is currently in process right now)

    However, I started thinking about this while I was doing the Factory Data Reset. We know that doing the "Google Services Framework" clearing of the data cache does work for people in receiving their update on their phone. However, we also see comments from Google that say this is not a good idea because it wreaks havoc with some things (what things? we truly do not know exactly).

    As I was doing the Factory Data Reset I thought to myself -- "Hey, self, isn't doing a Factory Data Reset essentially just doing a "Google Services Framework clear data cache" (obviously on a much grander scale). Wondering if the following will work:

    1. Dang it!!! I don't have the update yet!! I want it bad....
    2. Use LG Backup to capture complete backup and moved it off the phone
    3. Perform Factory Data Reset
    4. Check for update....
    5. Hopefully receive update and do steps above.

    So, anyone feeling desperate enough to get the update to try the above? Note this is all based off my speculation that a Factory Data Reset will do the equivalent thing as clearing the data for the Google Services Framework.
    04-11-2014 03:23 PM

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