1. somenothingness's Avatar
    I have noticed that since 4.4.2 update that I CAN receive and send MMS WITHOUT wifi or mobile data turned on. Why is this possible now? Anyone else see this? VZW says they have no idea what I'm talking about.
    04-27-2014 09:24 AM
  2. palandri's Avatar
    MMS or SMS doesn't need a data connection.
    04-27-2014 10:14 AM
  3. somenothingness's Avatar
    Yeah, I don't understand this. MMS HAD to have a mobile data connection on JB, at least on the VZW G2. Never worked on WiFi anyway. All of my phones were like this until this one updated. SMS just has to have network signal to work over voice stream. Which is strange considering text is a form of data.
    04-27-2014 10:22 AM
  4. AZDroid's Avatar
    Yep, I always turn data off at night(not airplane mode) so I can still receive calls and texts if my college student son has an emergency and needs to contact me.

    Even before smartphones and data plans we could do this with our old flip phones 😀
    04-27-2014 10:22 AM
  5. somenothingness's Avatar
    Yeah, but topic is why can we receive MMS with data off? Picture messaging, video messaging, etc...Also, with data disabled I cannot surf or check email, so I know I dont have a data connection at the time I deal with MMS.
    04-27-2014 10:31 AM
  6. AZDroid's Avatar
    Right, but like I said, even our old flip phones could send and receive sms and mms before we got data plans and smartphones. So doing it with data off isn't surprising
    04-27-2014 10:56 AM

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