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    Does one such accessory exist?!

    I apologize for being the n00b who may even be posting this in the incorrect location. However, I am a former Crackberry addict, who was lucky enough to upgrade to two different awesome-for-me physical keyboard-enabled Android devices over the last several years. That stated, I am very into having a physical keyboard on my device, and no virtual keyboard I've used (from Swype to Swiftkey to stock and more) has been able to change my mind.

    With my carrier's phone upgrade coming up, I've been dreading looking at new phones, as I understand the slide out keyboard is history on newer devices. I did get a glimmer of hope when recently coming across the Bluetooth Keyboard case available for newer flagship models, as seen here for the GS4. As a result, I started looking at what device I'm most interested in, which appears to be the G2, and now would like to find the accompanying accessory. This has proven quite difficult.

    Would anyone please be able to point me in the correct corner of the web to find this illustrious piece of my phone upgrade puzzle? I'd be most grateful for the assist. Thanks!

    05-29-2014 01:46 AM
  2. jayTrizzle's Avatar

    For anyone who may have been interested, I have still been unable to locate the lost piece of the puzzle. I did upgrade to the LG G2, despite the G3's release, as Best Buy had the $1.00 upgrade on my carrier. I am getting used to the virtual keyboard, but still find myself attempting to slide the physical keyboard out from the bottom of my device, even after almost a month of use.

    That said, if this thread can have any life breathed into it with a link of a Bluetooth Keyboard case or other similar solution for the LG G2, please make me aware. Thanks!

    07-31-2014 05:06 PM

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