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    So prior to the KitKat update on my G2, the GPS would habitually turn itself on for no reason. While on phone calls, upon ending phone calls, and just when pulling the phone out of my pocket to check the time or notifications, GPS would just be on. So bad to the point where I would turn GPS off and the I would actually witness it turn itself back on! It was really draining my battery (for some reason Facebook hogged so much juice, even on days I never opened Facebook) looking at battery statistics would report GPS usage at ridiculously long time periods, basically spanning the entire up time of the the device in general, and eating literally more than 50% of my total battery. I "fixed" this issue by disabling Android System under running processes after every reboot. In KitKat however, Android System is no longer listed under running processes.

    Now it seems like LG attempted to fix this issue with the KitKat update. However now the issue is basically the opposite from before. GPS in Google Maps takes FOREVER to locate me. While driving, GPS habitually loses connection to the tune of "GPS signal lost." Maps is now so unreliable I only use it when I absolutely need to.

    The reason I didn't post this in the AT&T section is because my roommate owns the G2 on Sprint and his device suffers this same GPS signal lost issue after the KitKat update. Does anyone else have this problem? Is there a possible workaround? I use Maps a lot whenever I happen to get lost and with this GPS issue Maps is absolutely no help.
    07-02-2014 07:52 PM

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