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    I've read in lots of posts that LG isn't opening up their IR blaster to third party apps. No big deal for me as the stock IR program works and programs itself fine to all my electronics. However, getting this IR blaster to work further than 10 feet from the device is nearly impossible! Not only do you have to be pointing the remote downward, it also has to be almost completely directly in front of the IR receiver for it to randomly receive the intended commands! How incredibly frustrating it is to use the phone as a remote while lying in bed or sitting in my living room - anywhere. Standing up and moving closer to the appliance kind of defeats an IR's necessity! So, with that being said, I've created this thread to get feedback from fellow subscribers and idea folks here to figure out what to do next. Here's my dilema...

    > I have soft-shell cases on these phones with a convenient rubberized hole poked out for the IR blaster. Since I have very little knowledge about IR function, is it possible to increase the strength of this feature by somehow adding some kind of amplifier externally to the phone. I'm thinking some kind of small zoom lens or crystal embedded into a phone's external protective cover opening that's just about 1.5 times the diameter of the IR's lens. This would ultimately be a part of the cover, and not attached to the phone, but since my phone always has the protective cover on it, then great! My goal is to make the IR's blaster larger or more powerful somehow. Just don't know what to use. Anybody got any ideas here?

    (A similar post has been added to some other areas of this forum, so answering this one is a lot easier than finding my other posts. Thanks people!)
    08-04-2014 11:02 AM

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