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    So I have been searching the net trying to find a way to fix my missed calls issue and came across a few things that I found to be quite interesting. (root is required)

    The first is an article about fixing lag and battery drain on the G2 Make Your LG G2 Perform Faster by Fixing Lag Issue | DroidViews

    I have done the "fix" and will report back as to how it works.

    The second is the volume fix which supposedly increases the G2's baseline volume without introducing any distortion. Again, root is required. I did the "fix" and have noticed much better text/message notification volume through the stock speaker.

    More about it here: Enjoy Louder Speaker and Headphone Volume with LG G2 Volume Boost Mod

    Let me know what y'all think.

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    08-28-2014 07:36 PM
  2. UJ95x's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing! Sucks that these are root-only as I'm sure it happens to users who are not already rooted as well.
    08-28-2014 10:25 PM
  3. OhAlfie's Avatar
    Sux you have to root. I have no desire to root. Too many potential headaches.
    08-29-2014 01:55 PM
  4. TNCattleDog's Avatar
    Ok, so its been a bit more than 24 hours and I can see some differences in performance.

    1. Lag, especially the camera is MUCH improved..

    2. The speaker/sound mod gave me mixed results. Although I feel like things "sound better and more clear", it did nothing for the volume. Going to play with it some more, maybe I did something wrong.

    3. Battery life... hard to say so far because its the weekend and I have been using my phone a lot, especially for streaming music to my BT headset, speaker, and car. I'll be able to tell more about the battery on Monday when I go back to work. Battery life at work is much more predictable for me.

    Not so much a problem to root as it is to flash a custom ROM. I'm sticking with stock for now.... which is strange for me because I've usually rooted and flashed custom ROMS to every other phone I've owned.

    08-30-2014 04:27 PM
  5. Klaushybrid's Avatar
    I haven't done Lag Fix and I think I'm not gonna 😀

    Volume booster:

    I didn't feel much difference between modded version and original (or stock) version. I was expecting a great improvement.

    Thanks David

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    08-31-2014 01:32 AM
  6. TNCattleDog's Avatar
    Battery results are a mixed bag. Light use over the weekend yielded a considerable improvement in battery. I finished the day yesterday at 72% with about 14 hours of light use. Not bad and better than average for me.

    Battery life was much better at work for me, finishing out the day today with still around 60% battery remaining after a day of heavy use. Usually I'm in the 30 to 40% range lately. So, an overall improvement.

    Camera has been noticeably better with almost NO lag whatsoever.

    Sound is still hit and miss... things sound better but not louder. A particular concern for me since I really can't hear my text notifications in a noisy (hospital) work environment. I have tried more annoying notifications which I can hear better but hey... I have to be professional. ;-)

    The problem though is I think the "fixes" have introduced a random crash/reboot cycle. Felt my phone vibrate several times today in my pocket and each time I took it out, it was on the Verizon splash screen and rebooting. Had never done that before the fixes. Problem is, which fix caused it? Oh well, guess I can backtrack and try to figure it out.

    09-01-2014 06:09 PM
  7. TNCattleDog's Avatar
    Yet another update and GOOD news...

    So, as it turns out, the crashes and rebooting may have been due to the google news and weather app that was updated today.

    Battery life today was phenomenal and my phone stayed cool all day. Total so far is 14 hours of relatively heavy use with just over one hour of screen time and clocking in at 75% battery remaining.

    Now, I also did a couple things different today which included turning off location services and bluetooth when I arrived at work this morning. At this point, my battery life is back to pre-kit kat levels.

    I normally keep my screen brightness set at 40% but recently I have left it at 60%.. I'll try 50% tomorrow and see how much a difference it makes. Visually, it does not seem much different.

    I also followed the advice in some other posts and removed Google Hangouts. Since doing so, google play services has dropped from 29+% down to 2% on the battery log.

    More to come...

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    09-02-2014 06:32 PM

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