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    Hi all,
    Thanks for having a look at my post! So my problem is this:
    I bought my 32GB LG G2 D802 through a parallel importer in New Zealand. It was packaged up as a legitimate product, and I've been treating it as such. However, I decided to root the phone. I had no issues with the root, the only problem being I had trouble finding the right rooter script.
    However, once the root was finished, I noticed that upon reboot, my phone was displaying the message "Service Disabled". I freaked out, thinking this was some sort of manufacturer anti-root process, and quickly went about unrooting the phone. I performed a factory reset, then ran the LG Flash tool alongside a .kdz file from the net (which I had toruble finding, not being able to locate an NZ 32GB LG G2 firmware).
    This left me with a factory reset phone, working almost perfectly.
    However, every time I boot, I still get the same issue of "Service Disabled". I've been able to fix this temporarily by plugging the phone into my PC in Download Mode, unplugging it and letting it boot, which allows it to work for a while, however it seems to revert after a few hours. The other issue is that the button combination for factory reset (vol down + power) doesn't seem to work anymore, it just turns my phone off and on again every time I press.
    I'm absolutely stumped, and have no idea how to proceed. I bought this phone to be reliable, and now I've gone and f##ked it up. PLEASE help!
    Cheers, Miles
    12-14-2014 10:53 PM
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    The rooting process goes as follows:

    The rooting program uses some exploit (hole in the phone's firmware security) to gain temporary root. It copies a file names su to the /system folder.

    That's it - all else is optional. For an app to run as root, say its name is myapp, it runs as su myapp. It's now running as root. (That's Linux 101.) Since any virus could do that (in Linux, the user who typed "su myapp" would be asked for the root password), if su is called, it calls a "superuser app", something like SuperSU. That gives the user the choice of granting root to the app asking for it or not. (If it suddenly pops up while you're reading your email, it's probably a virus, so you say no.) Since Google left out some functions, rooting usually adds a file named busybox, which contains the left-out functions.

    Nothing to do with connections, nothing to do with service. No part of the "phone" part of the phone uses root.

    The program you used to root the phone evidently did something more than just root the phone. It could be that the exploit it uses does some damage, it could be that the program deliberately does something else (like installs a keystroke recorder and messes up things like phone service).

    The kdz file you flashed may be a problem. Are you sure the phone was originally running NZ firmware? If it has even slightly different hardware (say Australian), a NZ ROM may not work.

    I'd see if either the importer or the carrier can reflash the ROM. Importer first, in case it's not a NZ phone (they'd know what they imported).

    There's someone on XDA who has, as a sig, something to the effect that anyone who can't root a phone manually, shouldn't root a phone. It's a good rule to follow.
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    12-14-2014 11:29 PM
  3. Derek549's Avatar
    Ok, thanks a lot! I'll go to the importer and find out where it's from I have a feeling it's not NZ original. Certainly not gonna be trying to root again thanks for the tip!
    PS: have the box here. Would there be anything on the box (eg S/N) that might tell me where it's imported from?
    12-14-2014 11:48 PM

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