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    I bought a LG G2 LS980, sim unlocked, from an online shop, to be used in Europe.
    The shop did not advise me that the cellphone would come rooted and now I am a bit concerned.

    The phone apparently is rooted as I can see 2 apps (SuperSU and RE(with Chinese characters)), which for me is ok but I did not requested.
    Since I have no knowledge on the rooting I don’t actually know what else is installed on the cellphone and might be running.

    The cellphone was obviously used previously and software installed, it even had a short voice record… weird.
    How can I check what are the extra apps that were installed? My concern is that somehow some of my sensitive information might be automatically sent on the background to whoever did the rooting, without my control.

    My concern is that also this shop offers 2 years warranty but no supplier accepts a rooted cellphone, as far as I know.
    From what I read is not advisable to either update to Lollipop OTA when it’s released or to factory reset the cell phone has it might brick or malfunction.

    I already wrote to the vendor and I want to return it, nevertheless I would like to know your opinion about keeping the rooted phone and what might happen
    Thanks for the help
    04-09-2015 03:00 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    1) A rooted phone isn't dangerous, in and of itself. Linux (the operating system in Android phones) is rooted. Google took that part out, rooting just puts it back.

    2) If the phone was sold as new, but it's been used, that's fraud, and it could have any software on it, including a keystroke logger then sends all your keystrokes to someone so he can get your logins, passwords, private emails, etc. So I, too, would not only return a phone like that, I'd ask the local law enforcement agency to look into what's clearly fraud. (If it had been advertises as used, I'd reflash the ROM, so anything that had been put on it would be gone.)

    But rooting itself? I won't run a phone that isn't rooted. It's like driving a car with 3 wheels. There re things I do all the time that require root. (Anyone coming from Linux to an Android phone feels half crippled until the phone gets rooted.)
    04-16-2015 09:33 PM

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