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    I've added a G2 to my phone portfolio to get reacquainted with Android. It's updated to Lollipop, but I' still haven't achieved the desired functionality in the car that I can with my Windows phone or iPhone.

    I want a long press of my voice control steering wheel button activates Google Now to use as I desire, Right now it defaults to the built-in Voice Command, which is useless! My wife's Moto X goes right into Google Now, my Windows phone Cortana, and my iPhone Siri - very useful!

    I've been looking for workarounds - apps like the BT GNow - but so far no luck.

    Has anyone else figured this out?

    BTW, I drive the latest MY GM vehicles with their various smart radios. Most cars received SIRI access via the long press for the 15MY.
    05-13-2015 10:49 AM

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