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    Hello everyone, I really need some help with this phone I seem to have screwed up. Here's the breakdown:

    I bought a replacement battery for the one I had, which went to **** after 2 years. Installed it using a great DYI video on Youtube that I found, but when I was done it wouldn't turn on. The led light was working while the phone was charging and even though I gave it about 2 days to charge the result was the same.

    Next, I saw someone was having a similar problem and they just popped the battery back out and once they plugged it back in everything was fine. I tried this and I got better results, but useless nonetheless. I disconnected the battery for about 2 minutes and when I connected it, the backlight came on and the led was flashing all colors this time. The phone would not turn on, but when I plugged the phone to charge the screen came on. All it showed was the LG logo followed by a battery 100% charged screen and then the screen faded to black as the buttons proved unresponsive. The soft reset doesn't do anything, so could it be problem with the buttons?

    Any ideas on what I could try next?
    10-01-2015 03:05 PM

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