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    Screen on my G2 was totally cracked up but the LED notification light still worked. Was red when I plugged in the charger. Was green when I turned on phone.

    Got the screen replaced and now the LED notification light doesn't work. Charge the phone and no red light. Turn on the phone and no green light. Options for LED is turned on.

    Is the notification led integrated into the screen? So I may have a faulty replacement screen?

    Also read that maybe a factory reset may work but thats a last resort to check cuz I don't feel like setting phone all up again.

    On a side note..do those screen repair stores you find in the mall usually use OEM or crap quality replacements? Je told me oem but i trust no one. Noticing as I press keys as i type I see parts of screen near finger get a little darker like if u press down on a LCD screen too hard. Other than that the screen is fine so far.
    10-25-2015 06:03 PM
  2. vice86's Avatar
    UPDATE: Taking a first phone call since the screen replacement today I noticed my screen wasn't turning off. Looked at the LED/Proximity area with a light and looked like i could see to the back of the casing!!

    Took the phone apart and the moron didn't put the proximity sensor back in!!! How does a business that replaces screens forgot to put all the parts in. I can't imagine he was hoping i wouldn't notice and he'd have an extra part. I assume the LED light not working has something to do with that since its right next tot he sensor and I'm assuming part of the whole part?

    Anywho, i go back Saturday to have him fix the damn thing...what a hassle.
    10-26-2015 05:13 PM

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