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    I have a LG g3 Beat. Today I ordered my gallery pictures first from my phone and everything was fine then from my computer with a cable and it stuck all the time so return to do it from the phone. I tried to move some pictures to one of my folders that on my SD card and I got an error says that I don't have place on the card (which I have). after a restart I didn't see the folder anymore anywhere in the phone. like it deleted. what can I do to recover the folder and the photos?
    01-09-2016 12:54 PM
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    1. Never move, always copy, then delete the original. You can't recover from a corrupted move, you can from a corrupted copy.

    2. Does it say you don't have enough space or some other message? (An app can't write files to a folder it doesn't own - in the phone or on the SD card. If the app you're using to move things isn't the owner of the folder you're moving them to, you'll get an error. The move may delete the original anyway.)

    3. Unless the phone is rooted, you can't recover deleted files. You can put the SD card into the computer (not using the phone, but using a card reader), then run PhotoRec on it (instructions at PhotoRec Step By Step). If the files are on the card, but deleted, PhotoRec will recover them (and every other deleted file on the card).
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    01-09-2016 01:17 PM

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