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    I noticed after downloading the "old ringtones" app from the Play Store, when calls came in, the installed ringtones would diminish in volume as the phone rang. Reading different threads about the same problem on SG3, SG5 etc. phones and remembering that I somehow overcame the problem on my previous SG3 I took a look at the sound files noticing the files from the Play Store app were all .mp3 but the files I eventually used in my SG3 were .wav files which seemed to work just as well but with no volume decrease. I transferred a couple of these .wav files into my LG G3 and found that with .wav files there was no further decrease in volume as the ringtone sounded during calls. I may have converted the .mp3 files to .wav using Quicktime Pro. Hope this tip helps.
    07-14-2014 02:40 PM

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