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    So first day it was out at AT&T, I went and picked up both the G3 and the G Watch. The watch was basically because it was on such a deal; I was pretty sure I'd return it after playing with it a couple of days.

    Uhm, no. I'm keeping it. I lurve this watch.

    One thing I hadn't expected was how little I actually use my phone now. 95% of my phone usage (apparently) had been texting,checking email messages and checking the time. Seeing as I do the bulk of that on my watch now, and combined with the G3, my phone battery is currently at 57% after 25 hours usage. Granted, that is also with only 26 minutes of screen time - again, mainly because of what I can get from the watch. I keep data running all the time, Bluetooth/Geo/WiFi is always on. I'll take a picture from time to time.

    It's turning out to be an excellent combo for me.
    07-18-2014 12:52 PM

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