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    So i may run around to ATT sometime today or tomorrow and buy this phone for att next. I have coming from a Nexus 4 and while i do like it, i am looking for a more complete android smartphone. I have been looking into the G3 and have some questions.

    1: I have watched some videos and it seems like LG has replaced what is google now in kit kat with their own version of that. Does the G3 still come with google now installed? I am sure it does but i am asking because i do use it on a daily basis, such as traffic for how long it will take me to get home and such.

    2: Are there any GPS issues? I do use the GPS for google maps quite a bit around my area since some roads and such can be confusing.

    3: I have a wallpaper called "My Beach HD" that i use all the time and love it to death. Does anyone have experience using 3d live wallpapers on the G3?

    4: I guess my last question is, how is the performance of the phone overall in terms of its cpu and gpu? Anything lag or slow down on that sweet HD display?

    Thanks everyone!!!!
    07-20-2014 11:43 AM
  2. scottysize's Avatar
    After a few days with my phone, I'll see if I can't answer some of your questions.

    1. All cellphone manufacturers add their own "flavor" of Android to the phone. It's not a different version of Android, just an overlay. Nexus is vanilla Android because it comes from Google. Obviously Google isn't going to add anything extra on to their own device.
    1a. All Nexus devices receive the Android update first. So, if you're on 4.4.3 or 4.4.4 right now, the G3 isn't. It's only on 4.4.2. Also, sometimes the manufacturer will skip an update. IE: Maybe the G3 won't get 4.4.4, but instead will update to 5.0.
    2. GPS works great on my phone. Better than my G2's GPS. Better by a lot. I'd say it's probably the best GPS phone I've had.
    3. I'm not using 3D Live wallpapers, so I can't comment except to say, they should work fine, if they are working on your Nexus.
    4. Ya. There's a small bit of lag every now and then. It's just the new phone issues that will be worked out with updates. My Nexus 7 & 10 both experienced a little lag when I updated them to 4.4. Now one's on 4.4.3 and one's on 4.4.4 and neither has any lag.

    Should you upgrade? Well, are you happy with your current phone? If so, then no. Keep it. Best advice? Go to the store and see the phone in action. See it against your current phone and decide which one you like better. Size is going to be an issue for you as the G3 is quite large compared to your current Nexus.
    07-21-2014 09:12 AM

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