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    Well, I finally made the jump and picked up a white G3 from T-mobile on Tuesday. I am very impressed with this device. I was really on the fence due to me being spoiled from stock Android. My last three phones were all nexus devices (Galaxy nexus, N4 and N5). I played with the GS5, M8 and G3 in the store. The device i came from was the N5. While I still have the N5, I promised not to use it for the next two weeks while I gave the G3 a go. Here are my thoughts:

    I have experienced NO LAG (So far). Phone is stock with no changes out the box
    Screen (Beautiful) I prefer this screen over the over-saturated colors of the GS5. Just MY opinion
    Camera is very exceptional. Excellent days shots, night shots could be better. Maybe I need to tweak a bit. (Any ideas?)
    UI is great, lots of customizations out of the box. LG did a great job with this while not bogging down performance
    I LOVE KNOCK Code!!
    Battery is AWESOME!! Stand-by time is just crazy. I used the phone semi-hard for a solid day and a half before it needed to be charged.
    Charging is super fast as well
    Having a removable back i thought was over hyped but I actually prefer it now. (Battery swapping, adding storage if needed)
    Minimal bloat from LG and T-mobile! (T-mobile has only 4 or 5 apps on there which is great)
    Lightweight/Good build quality
    5.5 inch screen. I thought it would be too big but I really enjoy looking @ web pages and youtube on this thing, amazing.

    Those annoying tones, lol. Easily fixed by turning off in the settings
    Ringtones are terrible too but Zedge took care of that.
    Phone is a little slippery but case will take care of that too.

    While i'm still getting use to certain things, I think LG did a great job with this device. I really have nothing bad so far to say and as the title said, am impressed. My wife has a note 3 and is considering changing to this. I will continue to play with it during this 14 day period to make sure there are no hiccups before i put the N5 up on ebay.

    Side note, I ordered the Supcase from amazon for $12.99. Should be here today. Wanted something minimalistic that added some protection but still showed off the phone. I hate covering up the back of my device. I will post pics when it comes for those who want to see.

    Amazon.com: SUPCASE LG G3 Case - Unicorn Beetle Premium Hybrid Protective Case (Frost Clear/Gray): Cell Phones & Accessories
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    07-31-2014 11:43 AM
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    That's a nice case!
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    07-31-2014 12:31 PM
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    I have the black version of that case.
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    07-31-2014 12:44 PM
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    That case is underrated. I got it in clear/black for $9.99. Love it, but that frost gray one looks really nice.

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    07-31-2014 01:01 PM

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